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Macedonia Holidays and Tours is a leading destination tour operator in Macedonia that specializes in discovery touring and culinary experiences. Our tourism journeys focus on discovery, exploration, learning by doing and relaxation. We offer the best service and unique choices in Macedonia’s key destinations.

We believe travel has the ability to transform you – providing you with the opportunity to learn, discover, explore, experience and of course, to relax.

Our tour guides are 'worldly' people with a passion for travel, culture and people. And they're here to help you write your own incredible story. The best coaches and itineraries are one thing, but running a professional tour is another. That’s where our staff excels. Our experienced crew and local guides will, literally, go the extra mile to bring your adventure to life and take you where no guide book can. They’re as passionate as they are experienced – and they’ll give you the kind of insider knowledge and entertaining insights that no amount of books can.

Our tours are packed with inclusions to make sure you get even more value than doing a similar trip on your own. We arrange discounts and deals for you before you go and along the way and you'll know exactly what you get for your money, so you can plan your trip to match your budget.

Free time. Me time. Whatever you want to call it, there’s plenty of scope to take time for yourself and explore. It’s all about choice. Shop, try a local restaurant, relax or choose one of our optional activities – it's completely up to you how you will plan your visit.

As you browse our user-friendly Macedonia Holidays and Tours website, you will learn a lot about Macedonia, its beauties and attractions. You can find it all right here because we are a one-stop operator in the Macedonian tourism industry.

Our goal is to remain in the lead and to achieve this, we are focused on implementing new products, regular staff training and the latest technology, in order to provide what our customers want and exceed their expectations.

Our experience and dedication allows us to offer assistance 7 days a week. Stop dreaming about heading off to Macedonia. Make it happen. Explore Macedonia Now!

Places not to miss in Macedonia

  • 1Matka Canyon
    Matka Canyon
    Matka Canyon is one of the outstanding work of nature included in most of our tours. During its long geological history of vertical erosions the Treska River created step notches of over 250 metres and sides 1000 metres high . The main phenomenon of this European natural treasure is the canyon with well preserved natural and geographic characteristics in which rare and endemic species found their escape. It is the most visited spot in the vicinity of Skopje and based on tourists feedback it is a must see destination in our tours.
  • 2Kokino
    One of the most popular archaeological sites and the forth-oldest megalithic observatory in the world recognised by NASA, Kokino is listed side by side with ancient observatories as Stonehenge (Great Britain), Abu Simbel (Egypt) and Angkor Wat (Cambodia). If you plan a trip to Macedonia, count Kokino in right from the start, you won't be disappointed.
  • 3Saint John the Baptist Monastery
    Saint John the Baptist Monastery
    Dating from the 11th century, the St. John the Baptist monastery presents an important cultural and historical place surrounded by legends for its mystical icon with healing powers. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the religious pilgrimage in Macedonia. The complex contains a priceless and rare wood carving which was never surpassed by any other in the world. 
  • 4Ohrid
    Ohrid is a city on the eastern shore of Lake Ohrid. It has about 42,000 inhabitants making it the seventh largest city in the country and the most visited tourist destination in Macedonia. Ohrid was known for the fact that once had 365 churches one for each day of the year and has been referred as the "Macedonian Jerusalem". If you plan to travel to Macedonia, Ohrid is a must see destination in our tour and holiday packages.
  • 5St Naum Ohrid
    St Naum Ohrid
    The area around St. Naum monastery is among the most beautiful along the shore of Lake Ohrid. The magnificent greenery surrounded by the Crn Drim river springs, the spacious sand beach, the monastery complex and the unique view of the location makes it one of the most attractive tour destinations and another reason to visit Macedonia.
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